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CLI utility to manage MC server installations.


  • Install required JDKs
  • Download server files
  • Generate start scripts (with optimized JVM flags)
  • Update to the latest build

Supported Platforms

Platform Supported
macOS¹ 🚧

¹ In theory macOS should be supported, there are just no macOS specific implementations yet

Supported Server Distributions

Distribution Install Update Metadata¹
PurPur ✔³
Nyper ✔³
Velocity² ✔⁴

¹ Metadata is required to ensure the correct Java version is installed and use proper JVM flags

² Velocity does not provide checksums on their Downloads so no checksum verification will be made when downloading velocity

³ Uses Paper's metadata since it's a Paper fork

⁴ Velocity does not provide information on when a new build got released over an API, therefore mcserv will re-download Velocity each time you run the update command.